Actuary Teams up with Mastercard to Help Travel & Tourism Industry Better assess and Manage Risk

April 14, 2022

T&E Risk Monitor solution enables acquirers to more accurately assess financial exposure when dealing with travel merchants

Actuary, part of Perseuss Group, today announced a collaboration with Mastercard set to better support acquiring entities across the travel sector with a data-led risk assessment tool. After a successful pilot, the T&E Risk Monitor is being scaled by Actuary in partnership with Mastercard to provide a real-time view of booking status across travel portfolios, increasing acquirer confidence when releasing funds to delayed delivery merchants (DDM).

DDM transactions involve a time delay between when a consumer pays for a reservation and when they board a plane or stay at a hotel. To address the financial exposure acquiring entities experience due to this delay, Actuary is leveraging its travel insights platform and Mastercard’s global travel industry partnerships and experience to launch the T&E Risk Monitor. The solution increases visibility across travel booking and B2B payment flows through interactive dashboards from which customers can run reports and create alerts.

Providing a trusted source of secure booking and payment related data, the interactive platform enables acquirers to make data-led risk decisions, providing greater peace of mind when releasing funds and taking on new travel portfolios. Benefitting the whole ecosystem, travel merchants benefit from automation and transparency over reporting and risk levels, whilst the enhanced visibility supports greater cashflow and liquidity across the travel sector.

Maarten Alleman, CEO of Perseuss Group
, said: "Already pre-pandemic, the card acquirers' credit risk conditions were in many cases a major challenge for airlines and other travel merchants. This has been exacerbated by the unprecedented levels of booking cancelations and changes, large scale use of vouchers and operational issues around refunding. Together with Mastercard, we aim to leverage our combined capabilities to restore the much-needed balance between demand and supply in airline and travel acquiring services.”

Commenting on the collaboration Chris Fendley, Executive Vice President – Enterprise Partnerships at Mastercard, said “Mastercard is scaling innovation to help the travel and tourism industry recover and grow, and our relationship with Actuary furthers our commitment to help organizations mitigate financial risk during times of heightened volatility. Through the T&E Risk Monitor, we are bringing together the travel payment industry to increase visibility and assurance, helping acquirers make data-led decisions and enhancing cashflow for travel merchants.”

Media contacts:
Paul van Alfen,
Louise Peace,

The T&E Risk Monitor is available to acquiring entities across all regions, those interested in leveraging the solution should contact

About Actuary:
Actuary, part of Perseuss Group, is a fintech company that provides the most accurate, timely and complete risk exposure insights for all stakeholders in the card payment ecosystem.

Actuary provides the platform, which is a highly secured communication platform for open transaction and voucher reporting between travel and other deferred delivery merchants and acquirers. We enhance existing travel data to support acquirer risk and pay-out management, helping our partners to make better decisions in their (credit)risk management, sales and treasury activities. We are the trusted 3rd party providing transparent risk reports to acquirers and merchants, and have 12+years experience in the field of data handling, payments and travel.

Actuary's vision is to enhance trust and transparency in the Deferred Delivery Merchants Payment Ecosystem.

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